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Social Justice Donation

Equality Health Center

Equality Health Center (EHC), in Concord NH, was created 50 years ago, as the Feminist Health Center. It has since expanded its offerings to include both a more full array of sexual and reproductive health care services for women and a full array of sexual health care services for the LGBTQ+ community in NH. It has also changed its name to reflect a continuous commitment to “provide difficult-to-access health care, with expertise in abortion, and LGBTQ+ care.” ECH is one of the few health centers to recognize that women’s health and LGBTQ+ health are connected. EHC provides its clients -- women, men or transpeople -- the freedom and education to choose for themselves, with the emotional support that’s needed. EHC can also supply critical financial assistance when that is needed.

Abortion is just a part of the total spectrum of reproductive health care. Currently, abortions are still legal in NH up to 24 weeks; and afterward, providing certain requirements are met. However, the right to an abortion is not enshrined in the state constitution. EHC helps its clients to exercise the right to safe health care choices that are right for them.

The PUUC Social Justice Committee chose EHC as our Special Collection recipient for April because of EHC’s active daily support for 2 vulnerable groups -- women and LGBTQ+ communities, -- from NH and from 14 other states. EHC deserves a pat on the back for what it does and we are happy to give it.

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