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Shared Ministry

Our Commitment to Shared Ministry 

Congregational life at PUUC has always been a shared ministry. We see it in vibrant, diverse Sunday services from our minister and worship leaders, the work of our Care Committee in bringing meals and comfort to our members, our financial support of local food pantries and homeless shelters, and social justice initiatives like UU Action NH and Black Lives Matter. Before the pandemic, we supported the weekly community supper, the many groups who use our buildings (AA, Children and the Arts, community choirs, and yoga – to name a few); we look forward to the time when these programs can return.

Growing Our Shared Ministry

Our journey of shared ministry has expanded as we moved to part-time professional ministry in July 2021. We embrace services with opportunities for trained lay worship leaders, enhanced pastoral care provided by trained Pastoral Care Associates, a monthly spiritual program at RiverMead, more pop-up potlucks, congregation-wide social action initiatives, and, most of all..... a congregation grounded in caring for one another and the wider community.