Elected Committees

Governing Board

Congregational Bylaws establishes a Governing Board to manage PUUC affairs during the congregational year. Meeting the 2nd Monday of each month, the Governing Board is charged with managing the congregation’s business, overseeing church property, and providing recommendations to the membership for action and vote that includes approving an annual budget, appointments, and other recommendations concerning the ministry. It can appoint new committees and task forces, receive regular reports, review and set policies. The Board calls the Annual Meeting in May as well as other special congregational meetings during the year. 

Meets the 2nd Monday of each month

President: Mary Vallier-Kaplan; Vice President, Stewart Harris; Treasurer, Tony Brinsdon; Asst. Treasurer, Peter Harrison; Secretary, Barbara Harlow; Members: Julia Lennon; Bryan Field; Linda Scerbinski


Trustees of the Trust Fund (Endowment)

The Trustees administer all endowment funds of the church, both unrestricted and those restricted by the donors, currently invested through the Unitarian Universalist Common Endowment Fund. They authorize disbursements from endowment funds to church for authorized purposes, and effect the transfers. The Trustees accept and deposit any new contributions to the endowment funds. They work closely with the Finance and Property committees. The three trustees are elected by the congregation for three year terms, one new trustee each year over three years, providing continuity.

2022 - Debbie Bruchez,   2023 - Joel Huberman,  2024 - Jim Van Valkenburgh

Nominating Committee

This committee presents a slate of nominations to Annual Meeting for all elected positions and fills occasional vacancies during the year. It ensures membership of committees fairly represent diversity of age, gender, duration of association, and interests of the congregation.

Sarah Dengler, Robin Folsom and a Member of Governing Board


Standing Committees


The Worship Committee is responsible for providing non-ministerial led Sunday worship. We create collaborative, creative lay-led worship, support congregants who wish to deliver sermons or entire services, and arrange for and support guest ministers and speakers. We also provide welcome and hospitality to ministers who come to PUUC via pulpit exchange with the minister as well as those seeking a neutral pulpit. When needed or requested, we support the minister in preparation and delivery of regular, minister-led Sunday worship. The Worship Committee seeks and welcomes feedback and suggestions regarding all Sunday worship.

 Robin Folsom, Chair, Chase Roeper, Miriam Dunn, Merry Stockwell, Bryan Field

Care Network

The Care Network at PUUC is made up of the Care Committee, the Pastoral Care Associates and the Minister. The Network facilitates the congregation’ssupport in times of illness, death, celebration of significant milestones, and short-term emergencies by offering meals, visits, and phone calls. 

Care Committee: Sarah Dengler, Chair, Julie Flood Page, Meredith Martin, Anne Fischer

Pastoral Care Associates: Nancy Arnold, Jeannie Balfour

Committee on Shared Ministry (CoSM)

Mission: COSM will interweave PUUC’s ministries by enhancing communication and offering guidance and support.

Vision: A spiritual community where all ministries collaborate to fulfill the mission of PUUC.

Jean Robins, Anne Fischer, Dottie Bauer, Rob Eichler, Linda Field. Rev. Lane Fisher, ex officio

Finance Committee/Treasurer

The Treasurer and Finance Committee oversee and manage congregational finances--revenues and expenditures throughout the church year, reporting monthly to the Governing Board.  They prepare an annual budget for Governing Board review and present to the membership for discussion and approval. They oversee the Office Administrator in carrying out the banking and financial tracking. They coordinate with the Trustees concerning the Endowment.  

Peter Harrison, Chair, Tony Brinsdon, Dwight Schenk, Vanessa Amsbury-Bonilla, ex-officio


This committee fulfills congregation’s membership growth goals, welcomes and assimilates new members, and arranges a periodic New Member Welcome Service. It maintains the name tag board, maintains parish lists and records in compliance with church by-laws, and reports to the Standing Committee.

Susan Stanbury, Chair, Jeannie Balfour, Debbie Bruchez, Tom Cowan, Julie Flood Page, Rick Miller, Marsha Morrow


The Property Committee proposes the annual maintenance schedule at beginning of church year and coordinates property budget. It oversees routine cleaning, snow removal, and maintenance and repairs, arranging occasional working parties for church projects. It reports to Standing Committee in June on maintenance performance for year.

Phil Jones, Peter Harrison, Rick Miller, Ed Morrow, Dwight Schenk, Doug Copley, Paul Barnes, custodian

Religious Education

This committee prepares for and holds monthly RE meetings. It collaborates with the Director of Religious Education regarding the children’s religious education program and with special events for children and families. Its members act as liaison to the Sunday School classes, and assist with teacher recruitment. The committee advises, assists, and evaluates the DRE, and has a level of involvement in the hiring of the DRE. It oversees the RE budget and reports to Standing Committee.

This committee currently on hiatus until further notice

Social Justice

The Social Justice committee coordinates social outreach programs, educates the congregation on matters of social concern, and implements social policy as determined by congregation.

It establishes and oversees ad hoc working groups on particular issues, organizes occasional letter writing and other campaigns, and coordinates response to UUA resolutions. This committee sponsors the congregation’s 1% program.

Susan Copley, Jane Eckert, Anne Fischer, David Flemming, Joy Flemming, Julie Flood Page, Jonathan Gourlay, Anne Huberman, Joel Huberman, Tim Riley, John Richards, Dwight Schenk, Susan Stanbury, Mary Vallier-Kaplan, Elsa Voelcker, Chase Wilson-Roeper


Rotating Committee Chairs: Sept, Oct. November: Chase Wilson Roeper

December: Julie Flood-Page

Jan, Feb, Mar: Tim Riley

April, May, June: Jane Ekert


This committee is charged with running the annual canvass ‘fund drive’ to support the church budget with pledges from members and friends. It promotes support of our church community with time, talent and treasure.

Sarah Dengler and David Robins, Co-chairs


This committee plans and promotes regular events for fun and fundraising within the congregation and out in the community. Subcommittees are formed for the Rummage Sales, Holiday Stroll and Annual Auction.

Rhonda Barkley, chair, Susan Stanbury, Chase Wilson-Roeper, Jill Shaffer Hammond, Darline Harris, Debbie Bruchez

Community Supper

Greg Scerbinski, Dwight Schenk

Grant Writing

This committee is active in securing funds for ongoing projects such as the Community Supper and greening efforts for our sanctuary, supporting property committee projects.

Anne Fischer, chair, Rick Miller, Marsha Morrow, John Richards


This committee reviews staff performance annually; oversees staff contracts and terms of employment; deals with staff grievances; recommends annual salary awards for staff; and reviews evolving staffing needs of congregation. It is an ad hoc committee, made up of members from committees that have staff reporting to them, such as Music and RE. It reports annually, and as needed to Standing Committee.

Minister, President of the Governing Board, other


Community Committee

Lyceum Committee

The Lyceum Committee stands a bit outside the main committee structure; it has the responsibility to research, plan, and engage 8-10 speakers for the Monadnock Summer Lyceum series, which happens Sunday mornings from late June through August each year. It functions autonomously, raises funds independently, and manages its own budget. Half of the committee members must be PUUC members, to ensure PUUC oversight. According to its bylaws, it is the only committee that recruits and holds committee members from outside our congregation with the intent to invest the Lyceum purpose with a broader community focus. This combination of church members and others from the broader community has worked very well, as reflected in the wealth of intellectual content that appeals to the large attendance on summer Sunday mornings.

Bob Haring-Smith, Chair; Marcia Breckenridge, Secretary; *Bob Gordon, Treasurer; Gloria Anderson; Bob Beck; *Eric Blackmer; *Tom Cowan; *Jane Eckert; *David Flemming; Diane Hanson; Jeanne Henriques; *Elaine Holden; *Meredith Martin; *Ed Morrow; *Susan Stanbury; Rev. Lane Fisher, ex officio.

*denotes PUUC member