Black Heritage Trail

The Black Heritage Trail [BHT] of NH is the organization selected for our May Special Collection.  The BHT promotes awareness and appreciation of state-wide African American history in order to build more inclusive communities today. 
Africans and African-Americans have lived in NH's Seacoast and even in the Monadnock region dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries.  Hundreds of ships arrived in Portsmouth with kidnapped citizens of West African communities; families were broken up and the individuals were then sold as slaves.  Their escaped or freed descendants still managed to build communities and significantly contribute to New Hampshire’s diverse culture.
The Black Heritage Trail sponsors numerous innovative events and programs that highlight the often overlooked history of African Americans in New Hampshire, thus celebrating their stories of courage, versatility and resilience.  They invite everyone to explore for themselves what our shared history means, encouraging residents of all ages to bring those insights into the present. 
To learn more, go to   Upcoming BHT events include Guided Tours of Portsmouth (June - Nov.); Juneteenth Celebration (June 17th - 20th); Frederick Douglas Statewide Reading (July 1st); and Black Poetry events in the fall.
You may make a donation to this worthy organization by sending a check [marked as designated for the Black Heritage Trail NH] to Peterborough UU Church, 25 Main St., Peterborough, 03458 — or use the Donation tab on the PUUC website.  The PUUC Social Action Fund will match the total of each month's contributions to the selected Social Justice organization up to $500.  Thank you.  
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Peterborough Food Pantry

The special Social Justice Collection for the month of December is the Peterborough Food Pantry (PFP). Checks should be made out to PUUC with PFP on the memo line. They can be put in the collection plate, or sent/left at the Carll House office at 25 Main St, Peterborough, NH 03458. The December 5 collection, cash and checks, will go to the Peterborough Food Pantry unless marked for the PUUC. At the end of the month, one check will be sent to the Food Pantry, with an additional matching amount (up to $500) from the Social Justice Endowment Fund.

The Peterborough Food Pantry, a food justice organization, was founded in 1996 to provide emergency food and financial assistance to people in the Greater Peterborough region.  The Pantry provides food for approximately 300 families per month who come to us from 13 neighboring towns: Antrium, Bennington, Dublin, Francestown, Greenfield, Greenville, Hancock, Jaffrey, New Ipswich, Peterborough, Rindge, Sharon, and Temple. The Pantry’s customers include the elderly, Veterans, people living with disabilities, children, students, and working families who just need a hand. The Pantry also shares food with community suppers, after school programs and other pantries in the area. The Peterborough Food Pantry is managed entirely by a volunteer Board of Directors with the aid of community volunteers, and relies solely on donations and grants for funding.

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Peterborough Unitarian Universalist Church



We appreciate your donation to the church!

Not to be used for pledge payments. Please remit any pledge payments via your bank's bill pay feature or a mailed in check.

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