Upcoming Services
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Sun 2/23 10:15am Worship Committee
Growth Rings
Wed 2/19 7:15pm Vespers Team
Past Services
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9/7/14 Rev. David Robins
Water Communion
9/9/18 Rev. Diana McLean
Water Communion Service
11/10/19 Rev. Diana McLean
Ways of Worshiping
11/3/19 Rev. Diana McLean
What Does it Mean to Worship
10/13/19 Rev. Diana McLean
Where Do We Come From?
4/8/18 Worship Committee
Where Poetry Leads Us
10/20/19 Rev. Diana McLean
Where We've Been, Where We're Going
2/25/18 Rev. Diana McLean
Who Are Our Neighbors?
11/17/19 Rev. Diana McLean
Whole and Worthy
12/22/13 Rev. David Robins
Winter Pageant
12/16/12 Rev. David Robins
Winter Pageant
12/18/16 Rev. Diana McLean
Winter Pageant
12/21/19 Music Director Marybeth Hallinan
Winter Solstice Singing Ritual
12/20/15 PUUC Youth
Winter Stories
5/24/15 Worship Committee
Worship Committee
5/26/19 Worship Committee
Worship Committee Service
2/26/17 Rev. Diana McLean
Worship led by the Firehouse Band from First Church Littleton, MA
1/26/20 Rev. Jeanne Nieuwejaar
You Don't Have To Do It Alone
6/5/11 Youth Group
Youth Sunday
5/31/15 Youth Group
Youth Sunday
6/3/12 Youth Group
Youth Sunday
6/1/14 Rev. David Robins
Youth Sunday