Upcoming Services
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Sun 3/22 10:15am Rev. Diana McLean
Hope in Hard Times

Hope is a key factor in resilience. How do we find hope in the most challenging times?

Sun 3/8 10:15am Rev. Diana McLean
Love Resists

The Unitarian Universalist Association has a campaign called “Love Resists” which helps us live out the truth that, in the words of Cornel West, “Justice is what love looks like in public.” Come learn about how we connect our Unitarian Universalist principles and values to justice-oriented action in the world.

Sun 3/29 10:15am Music Director Marybeth Hallinan
Music Sunday

Come enjoy our annual music service, which is always a great hit!

Sun 3/1 10:15am Nancy Baker, Chris DiLoreto
Patience is More Than a Virtue
Sun 3/8 7:00pm Greater Peterborough Interfaith Council
Spring Interfaith Music Celebration

Come enjoy music from a wide variety of faith traditions!

Wed 3/4 7:15pm Vespers Team
Wed 3/18 7:15pm Vespers Team
Sun 3/15 10:15am Rev. Diana McLean
What’s in the Balance?

This year’s stewardship campaign at PUUC is “Tip the Balance.” What are we hoping to tip the balance toward? Come find out!

Past Services
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12/15/19 Rev. Diana McLean
Giving the Gift of Our Presence
11/26/17 Worship Committee
Gratitude Service
11/25/18 Worship Committee
Gratitude Service
3/25/18 Rev. Diana McLean
Growing a Sustainable Community
2/23/20 Worship Committee
Growth Rings
3/20/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
Guerilla Theatre at the Gates of Jerusalem
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10/6/19 Rev. Leaf Seligman
Guest Speaker
3/24/19 Rev. Diana McLean
Hope is a Song
3/10/19 Rev. Diana McLean
I'll Bring You Hope
12/8/19 Rev. Diana McLean
In this Moment
9/13/15 Rev. Shayna Appel
Ingathering Service
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11/26/19 Interfaith Thanksgiving Service
2/9/14 Rev. David Robins
Intergenerational Service
2/10/13 Rev. David Robins
Intergenerational Service
12/17/17 Rev. Diana McLean
Joy is in this Hour
1/13/19 Rev. Diana McLean
Justice is Love in Action
1/22/17 Hutch Hutchinson
Layperson led sermon
3/4/18 Rev. Diana McLean
Let's Be Reasonable
6/2/19 Rev. Diana McLean
Love is Love: Pride Service
12/10/17 Rev. Diana McLean
Love is on the Way
2/11/18 Rev. Diana McLean
Love Your Neighbor
1/7/18 Rev. Diana McLean
Many Paths to Truth
4/29/18 Rev. Diana McLean
Mental Health is Social Justice
3/3/11 PUUC Musicians
Music Sunday
3/13/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
Music Sunday
3/29/15 Worship Committee
Music Sunday
3/26/17 Rev. Diana McLean
Music Sunday
3/18/18 Music Committee
Music Sunday
12/23/18 No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant
6/24/18 No Service on Sunday June 24th
1/21/18 Rev. Diana McLean
Nothing to Fear in Difference
12/16/18 Rev. Diana McLean
Our Widest Welcome
9/25/11 Rev. David Robins
Outdoor Service
9/27/15 Rev. Barbara Harlow
Outdoor Service
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9/23/12 Rev. David Robins
Outdoor Service
9/22/13 Rev. David Robins
Outdoor Service
10/2/16 Worship Committee
Outdoor Service
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9/24/17 Worship Committee
Outdoor Service
9/22/19 Chris DiLoreto
, Zoe Wroten-Heinzmann
Outdoor Service
9/30/18 Worship Committee
Outdoor Service-Gathered on Common Ground
9/21/14 Rev. David Robins
Outdoor Service-Now Indoors!
5/26/19 Worship Committee
Peace, the Perfect Word
4/1/18 Rev. Diana McLean
Practicing Resurrection
2/18/18 Rev. Diana McLean
Reclaiming Our Roots
3/27/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
Resurrecting Hope
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