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Wed 4/8 7:15pm Vespers Team

Go to or call 1 646 558 8656 and enter Meeting ID: 531 390 466.

Wed 4/15 10:15am Vespers Team

Go to or call 1 646 558 8656 and enter Meeting ID: 531 390 466.

Wed 4/22 7:15pm Vespers Team
Wed 4/29 7:15pm Vespers Team
Sun 4/26 10:15am Rev. Diana McLean
Title to be announced

Worship Committee service, title to be announced

Sun 4/5 10:15am Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: Lost and Found

What have we lost in the era of COVID-19, and what have we found?

Sun 4/12 10:15am Rev. Diana McLean
Empty Tomb, Empty Church

One of the most prominent images in the Christian story of Easter is that of the empty tomb. This year, our church building will also be empty on Easter--and yet our presence is very real, in a different form. What does the Easter story offer us in this particular moment?

Sun 4/19 10:15am Rev. Diana McLean
Animal Blessing/Earth Day

As we have gathered online for worship, several of you have commented on how much you enjoy seeing each other's pets in the background (or sometimes in each other's laps as we worship). As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, let's also celebrate our non-human family members! Whether or not yours is likely to appear on camera during worship, you are invited to send Rev. Diana a photo of your animal(s) that could be included in a slide show during worship.

Past Services
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11/13/11 Rev. David Robins
Sermon: Channing Christianity 170 Years Later
2/14/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
Sermon: Challenging a Fundamental Truth
12/2/12 Rev. David Robins
Sermon: Celebrate and Mourn
11/11/08 Rev. David Robins
Sermon: Caregiving
5/10/15 Rev. Shayna Appel
Sermon: Building the Architecture of Our Interdependence
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10/2/11 Rev. David Robins
Sermon: Buddhism
2/24/13 Rev. David Robins
Sermon: Blessings
1/24/16 Social Justice Committee
Sermon: Black Lives Matter
11/19/17 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: Beyond Binaries
10/20/13 Rev. David Robins
Sermon: Belonging
1/11/15 Rev. Shayna Appel
Sermon: Backside Redemption
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10/3/10 Rev. David Robins
Sermon: Atheism
2/22/09 Rev. David Robins
Sermon: Apocalypse. Not
5/18/14 Rev. David Robins
Sermon: An Art of Justice
10/23/11 Rev. David Robins
Sermon: American Exceptionalism
10/30/11 Worship Committee
Sermon: All Souls
1/15/12 Rev. David Robins
Sermon: Ahimsa-Non Violence
3/10/13 Rev. David Robins
Sermon: Abner Kneeland
5/5/13 Rev. David Robins
Sermon: Abenaki
1/4/15 Worship Committee
Sermon: A Time in Between
1/31/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
Sermon: A Pilgrim's Life
4/3/16 Gary Lerude
Sermon: A Meditation on Spirituality
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10/14/18 Rev. Diana McLean
Sermon: A Heretical History
1/19/14 Rev. David Robins
Sermon: A Change of Heart is the Heart of Change
5/1/16 Rev. Leaf Seligman
Sermon by Leif Seligman
5/22/16 Sermon "Fluent In Faith" by Rev. Jeanne Nieuwejaar
4/15/18 Rev. Diana McLean
Saving What We Love: A Theology of Star Wars
12/31/17 Rev. Diana McLean
Rising from the Ashes
3/11/18 Rev. Susan Skubik Intriligator
Revolutionary Love
3/27/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
Resurrecting Hope
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2/18/18 Rev. Diana McLean
Reclaiming Our Roots
4/1/18 Rev. Diana McLean
Practicing Resurrection
5/26/19 Worship Committee
Peace, the Perfect Word
3/1/20 Nancy Baker
, Chris DiLoreto
Patience is More Than a Virtue
9/21/14 Rev. David Robins
Outdoor Service-Now Indoors!
9/30/18 Worship Committee
Outdoor Service-Gathered on Common Ground
9/27/15 Rev. Barbara Harlow
Outdoor Service
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9/23/12 Rev. David Robins
Outdoor Service
9/22/13 Rev. David Robins
Outdoor Service
10/2/16 Worship Committee
Outdoor Service
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9/24/17 Worship Committee
Outdoor Service
9/22/19 Chris DiLoreto
, Zoe Wroten-Heinzmann
Outdoor Service
9/25/11 Rev. David Robins
Outdoor Service
12/16/18 Rev. Diana McLean
Our Widest Welcome
1/21/18 Rev. Diana McLean
Nothing to Fear in Difference