Upcoming Services
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Wed 5/27 7:15pm Vespers Team
Vespers Sound Circle

Live on Facebook @peterboroughUU

Sun 5/31 10:15am Rev. Diana McLean
The Spiritual Practice of Sabbath
Past Services
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4/29/20 Vespers Team
2/7/16 Worship Committee
Tu B'shvat
12/6/15 Nick Page
This Sunday: Nick Page
5/24/20 Rev. Diana McLean
The Spiritual Practice of Lament
1/9/11 Rev. David Robins
The Soul
5/19/19 Rev. Diana McLean
The Question Box Sermon
12/2/18 Rev. Diana McLean
The Promise of Refuge
2/24/19 Polly Peterson
The Power of Poetry
2/26/12 Rev. David Robins
The Permanent and Transient in Religion
5/5/19 Rev. Diana McLean
The Paths That Brought Us Here
5/12/19 Rev. Diana McLean
The Original Mother's Day
11/29/15 Rev. Shayna Appel
The New Jim Crow
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12/30/18 Chris DiLoreto
, Morgan Cooper
The Miracle of the New Year
4/7/19 Rev. Diana McLean
The Gnostic Gospels
1/12/20 Rev. Diana McLean
The Freedom of Simplicity
4/21/19 Rev. Diana McLean
The Courage to Rise
4/22/18 Rev. Diana McLean
The Chorus of Life
11/24/19 Rev. Diana McLean
Thanks is a Prayer
12/29/19 Worship Committee
TBA Worship Committee service
9/20/15 Rev. Shayna Appel
Sunday Service
6/21/19 Summer Solstice Service
3/8/20 Greater Peterborough Interfaith Council
Spring Interfaith Music Celebration
5/17/20 Rev. Diana McLean
Spiritual Practice Sampler
4/28/19 Worship Committee
Sing Out! The Power of Folk Music
1/28/18 Kali Fyre
Sharing the Sacred
1/20/19 Rev. Diana McLean
Serving Humanity: Honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
6/2/13 Youth Group
Service: Youth Sunday
9/10/11 Rev. David Robins
Service: Water Communion
1/22/12 Worsh
Service: Tu B'Shvat
1/25/10 Rev. David Robins
Service: Stories and Song
3/17/13 Rev. David Robins
Service: Kirtan
12/18/11 Rev. David Robins
Service: Holiday Pageant
1/1/12 Rev. Barbara Harlow
Service: Greet 2012 with Music Meditation & Merriment
6/9/13 Worship Committee
Service: Flower Communion
4/21/13 Worship Committee
Service: Earth Day
6/19/11 Worship Committee
Service: Animal Blessing
6/16/13 Rev. Barbara Harlow
Service: Animal Blessing
11/3/13 Worship Committee
Service of Remembrance
10/30/16 Worship Committee
Service of Remembrance
10/29/17 Worship Committee
Service of Remembrance
10/28/18 Worship Committee
Service of Remembrance
10/27/19 Worship Committee
Service of Remembrance
6/7/15 Rev. Shayna Appel
Sermon: “How to Change the World"
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4/19/15 Rev. Olivia Holmes
Sermon: “Compassionate Communications – Yes We Can!”
3/16/08 Rev. David Robins
Sermon: You LIght Up My World