Past Services
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12/24/19 Rev. Diana McLean
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
12/25/16 Rev. Diana McLean
Christmas Day Service
12/24/17 Rev. Diana McLean
Christmas Candlelight Service
3/13/11 Rev. David Robins
Canvass Sunday: Where Religion is Caring
12/25/11 Rev. David Robins
Candlelight Service
12/1/19 Ray Dodge
, Marybeth Hallinan, Music Director
Broadening the Lens of Gratitude
12/24/17 Rev. Diana McLean
Breathe in Peace
2/9/20 Rev. Diana McLean
Breaking Silence
3/17/19 Rev. Diana McLean
Better Together
2/17/19 Rev. Diana McLean
Beloved Community
4/14/19 Rev. Diana McLean
Being Superheroes
6/15/14 Worship Committee
Animal Blessing Service
2/16/20 Rev. Diana McLean and Music Director Marybeth Hallinan
All Will be Well
1/27/19 Rev. Leaf Seligman
Ah, world, what lessons you prepare for us.
12/13/15 Rev. Shayna Appel
A Time to Prepare
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11/22/15 Rev. Shayna Appel
A Guest at Your Table: Scarcity or Abundance
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3/6/16 Rev. Shayna Appel
"The Goal of World Community"
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5/27/18 Rev. Diana McLean
"Patriotism in a Time Such as This"
5/13/18 Rev. Diana McLean
"Nurtured by the Circle of Life"
2/10/19 Rev. Diana McLean
"I Choose You"
5/20/18 Rev. Diana McLean
"A Geography of the Soul"
10/22/17 Rev. Dawn Fortune
"We're Not Done: Continuing the Work of Dismantling White Supremacy"