Special Announcement


February 12, 2014


Dear Friends,


             It is with feelings of both excitement and sadness that I announce my retirement from the active ministry and from the Peterborough UU Church, as of June, 2015. PUUC is the congregation and the church which I dreamed of serving when I graduated from seminary in 1978. I am grateful to be your minister.


            I made a request of the Standing Committee to be allowed to go to part-time ministry starting in July of 2014. I am grateful that they granted my request. As of this writing we have tentatively agreed that I will be three-quarter time from July to December 2014 and half-

time from January to June 2015.


            More information will be forthcoming as we work out the details.


            If you have questions, please feel free to raise them with me, or members of the Standing Committee, or members of the Committee on Ministry, (Merry Stockwell, chair, Jenny Brinsdon, Ray Dodge, Dwight Schenk).


            Thank you!


            David Robins