Special Announcement-Schedule for Cottage Meetings

The Settled Minister Search Committee will be holding a series of small group meetings over the coming two weeks.  The purpose is to give everyone in the congregation a voice in the search process for our new settled minister.  This is a part of the recommended UUA search process, and they are called “Cottage Meetings” to reflect the idea of a small and friendly group discussion.   If you have not signed up for one of these meetings yet, please sign up soon.  You can email Mark Beal  with the date that you prefer, or sign up after the service this Sunday.   Email: mark.beal@intrinsix.com


Here is the schedule:


Sunday, 9/20 – 11:45 AM at the church (3 concurrent sessions)

Tuesday 9/22 – 10:30 AM at the home of Merry Stockwell (Peterborough)

Tuesday 9/22 – 6:45 PM at the home of Jenny and Tony Brinsdon (Peterborough)

Thursday 9/24 – 6:30 PM at the home of Sue and Doug Copley (Peterborough)

Tuesday 9/29 – 6:30 PM at the home of Rhonda Barkley and Tom Badgley (Bennington)

Wednesday 9/30 – 10:30 AM at the home of Marsha and Ed Morrow (Peterborough)

Thursday 10/1 – 6:30 PM (host is to be determined)

Sunday 10/4 – 11:45 at the church (3 concurrent sessions)


There is also a meeting being planned at Rivermead, and the date will be announced soon.


Each meeting will be approximately 8 people, facilitated by 2 members of the Search Committee.  The meetings will last under two hours.  The Search Committee has prepared a couple of discussion topics that we feel will help us better understand the congregation’s needs and desires regarding the calling of a new minister.  Last June we conducted a survey of the congregation, and we have used those results to select the topics.


So please sign up for one of these Cottage Meetings and share your thoughts about our process for calling the next settled minister!