Special Announcement-Congregational Interviews for Search Committee Nominees

Dear PUUC Members:

In keeping with UUA best practices for selecting a search committee, the Standing Committee will begin calling each member of the congregation this week to ask for your recommendations for potential search committee members.  Please respond when your Standing Committee member calls and plan to give them 10-15 minutes of your time to discuss this very important work.

To prepare for your conversation, here are criteria to keep in mind:

The ideal search committee members are people who:

1.  Can represent  the entire congregation and not just a particular interest group,

2.  Do not have an ax to grind,

3.  Are committed to UU values of inclusion and diversity,

4.  Work well with others, even people who differ from them,

5.  Are excited about the future of the congregation and open to new ideas and ways of doing things,

6.  Have the energy and time to commit to this work over the next year,

7.  Are not too new to know the congregation well or be widely known within the congregation,

8.  Are regularly present and engaged in the life of the congregation,

9.  Are capable of both self-assertion and compromise, and are willing to take the time to work for consensus,

10. Are likely to have the respect and trust of the whole congregation.

It is anticipated that the Search Committee will be working at least 20 hours a month every month for the next year, and at times, even more than that.  This means that people who need to travel frequently for business or family obligations may not be able to meet this final criterion.  People who serve on other congregational committees will be expected to resign from those obligations until the search is over.

You may expect a call between Feb. 11 and 19, and we appreciate your taking the time to speak to your Standing Committee member. You might want to have your church directory handy as you think about possible nominees. Members may nominate up to three people, including themselves.  Staff are not eligible. All interview results are confidential.

We look forward to speaking you in the next two weeks.

Sarah Dengler & the Standing Committee