Service Cancelled

The Winter of Our Discontent
Service Cancelled for tomorrow, February 15th
Greetings members and friends of PUUC.  It is with no small amount of frustration that I write to tell you we must cancel worship (again!) for tomorrow morning (February 15th).  Right now, every weather model has the worst of this storm over us at 7:00am on Sunday and not retreating until later in the day.  Dangerous wind gusts (30-50 mph) are expected, Gov. Maggie Hassen is asking everyone to stay off the roads through the storm, and we're going to comply with that request.
If you need anything we can be of assistance with, please don't hesitate to call us.  Vanessa is in the church office Mondays and Thursdays from 8-4 and Tuesdays from 8-11.  My office hours are Mondays from 2-6 and Thursdays from 9-1.  Other times please call the office at 603-924-6245.
Be well, god/ess bless, stay safe and we'll see you all soon!

And Happy Valentines Day.  *Please note that the Game Night is still happening tonight, so provided you can get there safely, it's still on!