Minister's Message


Minister's Message
This Sunday's worship service will be our last together as minister and congregation until January 3, when I return from my four-month sabbatical. It feels odd to say that when my sabbatical doesn't start until September 1st, but because of PUUC's tradition of no summer Sunday worship services, it's true!
There is a lot of preparation work for a sabbatical, much of which has been underway for months as I have worked with the Board, Worship Committee, Care Committee, staff, sabbatical minister and others to be sure that we are all ready for the fall to go as smoothly as possible.
One of the remaining pieces has to do with the fact that during their sabbaticals, ministers are not in touch with congregants; even most emergencies are handled by the sabbatical minister. In this modern era, that requires some changes to how I handle my social media presence. With that in mind, I let the Board know months ago that over this summer, I would be separating my professional presence on Facebook from my personal page. For those of you who have "friended" me on Facebook, I will soon be putting up a professional page (which is still my own, separate from PUUC's official page) and asking you all to migrate to that page from my personal page. I would prefer that you do so voluntarily, but when I announce the new page (within the next week or two) I will also announce a date on which I will be "unfriending" current and past congregants (anyone who knows me primarily as their past or current minister) who have not yet made the move on your own. This does not mean I don't care about you and your lives. It just gives us both a way to fully honor the sabbatical time.
If you have any questions about this process, or anything else related to the fall sabbatical, please don't hesitate to ask.
In gratitude,
Rev. Diana