Minister's Message


I am away for part of this week, being trained to deliver a small group ministry curriculum called "The Soul of Aging" from the Center for Courage and Renewal. I plan to offer that curriculum, which focuses on the spiritual dimensions of aging, to groups including the RiverMead UU group beginning in the fall. (I envision one group meeting at RiverMead, and at least one other meeting at the church.) If you're interested in being part of one of the small groups, or think a small group you belong to might like to explore it together, let me know! I'll be sharing more information, and having formal sign-ups for the groups, later this spring or in early summer.

You may have noticed that on May 19th, we'll be having a "Question Box Service" for our worship, as part of our May theme of Curiosity. Some of you may have experienced this before--but for those not familiar with it, here's a brief summary. Congregants send me questions (please do send them, preferably by email to or in my mailbox at the Carll House, no later than this coming Sunday, May 12th). Then I do any research needed, and I answer them in worship. These can be theological questions ("What do Unitarian Universalists believe about...") or history questions ("What was Unitarian Universalism's role in...") or even personal questions, within reason ("What was your favorite thing about growing up UU/going to seminary/your internship, etc.") They can be serious or lighthearted, complex or simple. Whatever you are wondering about, the odds are that someone else has the same question. If I receive too many questions to answer in one service, don't worry--I will keep any not covered this time to address in a later sermon. (Sometimes, a single question is complex enough to be a rich topic for a sermon of its own!)

I am curious about what kinds of questions you'll come up with for me!

In gratitude,

Rev. Diana