Minister's Message


Minister's Message

This month's theme is "Silence and Stillness." As I began thinking about the theme and planning out worship services, it became clear to me that this topic, like so many others, is a matter of balance. We can suffer from either too little silence and stillness in our lives, or too much.


As an ambivert (someone who teeters on the line between "introvert" and "extrovert"), I encounter this challenge all the time. If I don't have enough silence, enough rest time, enough solitude, I get overstimulated, overwhelmed, and less able to function at my best. However, if I have too much silence, too much time alone, I become restless and impatient.


The key isn't the kind of balance a scale or a math equation asks for--it's not about having equal amounts of silence and sound, stillness and action. It's about finding a flow that works for me, being attentive to when I am experiencing a sensation that clues me in to the fact that I need either or more less silence and stillness.


How do you find this balance in your life? Does this feel like an issue for you, or is it something you never think about?


As we move through this month, complete with all the excitement of a presidential primary here in New Hampshire and the stresses of impeachment hearings in the Senate, on top of all of our usual daily ups and downs, my hope for us all is that each of us finds just the right amount of silence, just the right amount of stillness, to nourish our souls.


In gratitude,

Rev. Diana