Minister's Message


Minister's Message

As I put together the list of upcoming worship services for this issue of the Cresset, I was reminded again of what a busy season this is here at PUUC. We have extra services for the Interfaith Thanksgiving celebration, the Winter Solstice, and Christmas Eve...and that's not counting special events outside of worship, such as the Holiday Stroll (with Pancake Breakfast) and Harvest Dinner.

Of course, it's often also a busy season in our personal lives. It can be easy to get focused on "what's next"--the next worship service, next holiday, next congregational event, next gathering with friends or family.

In this season, it can be a challenge to be fully present in the moment we are living--which, of course, is the only moment we have any choices in. The past is gone, and the future is created by what we do now. There's a reason I chose "Presence" as the theme for December--it's not just about the presence of the holy in this season of winter holidays in many faiths. It's also about our personal need to be present even when things are hectic.

I invite us all--and this is a reminder to myself, too--to pause often to take deep breaths, to notice what all of your senses are experiencing, to sink into the moment you are living right now. By practicing mindfulness, perhaps we can achieve some stillness in the midst of the holiday rush.

In gratitude,
Rev. Diana