Minister's Message


Minister's Message

This is my last newsletter column of the year--and of the decade! I will be on vacation the next two Thursdays (December 26 and January 2), reachable in case of emergency.


As I think about the fact that this year is the last of a decade, it prompts me to look back at the past ten years. In those years, I had lots of life changes: a divorce and years later a new and wonderful relationship, two moves, all of seminary from application through graduation, ordination, my first settled ministry here with you, a broken ankle, the death of my father and one of my cats.


What have the 2010s held for you?


In addition to looking back, I also look forward to seeing what the 2020s will bring. Some milestones I can predict: my son Aidan learning to drive, turning 18, graduating high school (and probably college), and getting his first job(s); me taking my first sabbatical and turning 50. Others are impossible to know ahead of time, but what is certain is that there will be unexpected life events, both happy and sad, in every decade.


What do you anticipate in the 2020s?


We can think, too, about what the 2020s will bring for this congregation, including the 200th "birthday" of our sanctuary. What do we plan for in this next decade, and what kinds of surprises might come along?


As we move through the holidays and the start of a new year and decade, my wish for us all is that we can celebrate the good in the last decade, acknowledge the painful and hopefully allow it to heal, and look ahead with hope.


In gratitude,

Rev. Diana