Addition to Weekly Bits 2/15/13


Addition to Weekly Bits


Hello everyone.  Well, it looks like there were some things omitted from yesterday’s Weekly Bits.  I am including them below.  If you are still receiving Weekly Bits with a dark gray background, please let me know.  This is not normal, nor is it my choice.  When I receive them, the background is white, but some people are getting a dark gray background which is making reading it extremely difficult.


If you are one of those people, I am attaching a .pdf copy of the bits as an attachment to this email for your convenience, until we can get this thing figured out and fixed. 


I’m so sorry for the frustration.




David will be giving a presentation on bisexuality this upcoming Sunday after service.





Electric Earth Concert

This Sunday at 3 pm

First Concert of a 5-concert series through the Betthoven Cycle: complete Op. 18 quartets. 593-5245 or  $25; $100/for all concerts.



Thank you,

Have a great weekend.