68 Hours of Hunger

Our Unitarian Universalist values lead us to support organizations in our communities which are advancing the values we believe in. We do that through our donations of time, material, and money. This month we are spotlighting the work of End 68 Hours of Hunger, a charity we have long supported with donations of food and money.  Please donate.

End 68 Hours of Hunger volunteers pack food for students weekly.


This organization, composed entirely of volunteers regularly distributes weekend food to Conval students in need. Our part in normal times has been to collect soup in addition to financial contributions to the effort.

The End 68 Hours program has adapted to our new world, meeting the need over the summer with private and school district vehicles. In the first week of the new school year they sent home an astonishing total of 185 bags of food. Until we arrive at a time when we can begin collecting soup again, the critical need of the program is for funds to buy the food they need for distribution.

Please join us in our suport of this critical service.