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Sun 5/20 10:15am Rev. Diana McLean
"A Geography of the Soul"

May 20: "A Geography of the Soul"
Rev. Diana McLean
Each of us can probably think of places that hold a special place in our hearts--places where our souls feel at home. Over the last six months or so, I've invited you to share photos and stories of those places with me. They will be part of this service exploring the geography that is sacred to us, and what connections to those sacred places can offer us.

Sun 5/27 10:15am Rev. Diana McLean
"Patriotism in a Time Such as This"

May 27: "Patriotism in a Time Such as This"
Rev. Diana McLean
This topic was chosen by Phil Jones, one of the sermon winners at last year's auction.
As we observe Memorial Day, how do we honor those who gave their lives in service to our nation? What does patriotism call us to do in a time like the one we live in?

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The New Jim Crow
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The Permanent and Transient in Religion
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The Soul
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Tu B'shvat
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Winter Pageant
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Winter Stories
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Worship Committee
2/26/17 Rev. Diana McLean
Worship led by the Firehouse Band from First Church Littleton, MA
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Youth Sunday
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